The Placement and Career Guidance cell is well aware of how quickly the demands of the workplace are changing, as they always have. As a result, it emphasizes how important it is that students stay informed and updated in an ever-changing world while experiencing the least amount of discomfort possible. The Placement Cell's main objective is to act as a strong support network for students, guiding them along their professional routes and empowering them to make decisions that will help them realize their professional goals—even if those goals include studying abroad in the country of their choice.

To achieve this goal, the Placement Cell works closely with College administration, top-tier business representatives, and skilled instructors to establish strong communication and meaningful relationships. The Placement Cell offers the most up-to-date and innovative knowledge on the newest practices, methods, and workplace cultures thanks to these relationships. The placement cell is providing an extensive range of resources, such as webinars, online and offline counseling, career development workshops, regular training sessions, and talks by renowned individuals. Problem-solving, CV Preparation, critical thinking, time management, stress management, and many other topics are covered in these sessions.

The Placement Cell is quite proud of having been able to link students with national and multinational Pharmaceutical Companies like Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Microlabs, Pharma French, Best Care Formulations and firms like TCS, IQVIA, and other super specialty Hospitals. The Placement Cell's accomplishments are becoming more and more noteworthy as the numbers for successful placements have been steadily rising year after year.

Chief Placement OfficerDr. Boby Johns G
Asst. Placement OfficersMs. Sneha Shenoy
Ms. Surya AS
Ms. Neena Vijay
Ms. Reshma Omanakuttan
Student representatives Final Year B.Pharm, M.Pharm & Pharm D

Placement History

No.NameYear of StudyCourse CompletedPresent JobType of organization
1Ajith Chandran 2006-2011B.Pharm"Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy, Malappuram"Private
2Jisto joy2011-2015B.PharmBusinessPrivate
3Anupriya Mahesh 2004-2009B.Pharm"Associate Professor, Lisie college of Pharmacy, Ernakulam "Private
4Martin C "2005 to 2007, 2008 to 2011 & 2019 to 2021"B.Pharm & M.Pharm PharmacologyGovernment of Kerala Govt
5Rajeswari 2004-2012M.Pharm Pharmaceutical ChemistryIndian RailwaysGovt
6Reshma Jose2010- 2014B.Pharm & M.Pharm
2017-2019M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry"Assistant Professor, St. Joseph's college of pharmacy Cherthala"Private
7ATHIRA JAYACHANDRAN2017-2019M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry"Assistant Professor, Hindustan College of Pharmacy, Ponkunnam"Private
8Renjima KM2018-2020M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry"Assistant Professor, KVM college of Pharmacy, Cherthala "Private
9Anshy Antony2004-2008B.Pharm"Associate Pharmacist, Walmart Pharmacy, North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada"Corporate
10Sruthi S2010-2014B.Pharm"Pharmacist, Wellcare Pharmacy, Qatar"Private
11Anshy Antony 2011-2013M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry"Associate Pharmacist, Walmart pharmacy, North Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada"Corporate
12Nitin2004B.PharmManager - Service SalesPrivate
13Swathy Lakshmi N 2004-2009B.Pharm"Associate Professor, Dpt. Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dr. Moopen's College of Pharmacy, Wayanad "Private
14Vishnu P Rajasekharan 2007 - 2012B.PharmAbdominal Clinical Specialist- Medtronic - Us Corporate
15Rincy Rajan2011-2017M.Pharm PharmaceuticsDrug Safety Associate Private
16Reenimol MR2015-2017M.Pharm Pharmacology"Lecturer, St Josephs College of Pharmacy, Muttom, Cherthala "Your own
17HARITHA G2013-2017B.Pharm"Pharmacist , Urban Primary Health Centre, Thondankulangara, Alappuzha "Private
18Kavya.M C2005-2010M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry"Assistant Professor, SNS college of Pharmacy & Health sciences, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu "Private
19E Athulya Chandran 2021-2023M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry"Assistant Professor at Ahalia School of Pharmacy, Palakkad "Private
20Himabindhu S Kumar2010-214B.Pharm"Pharmacist, BADR Al Sama Hospital, RUWI Muscat, Oman"Private
21Soumya Saran2005-2009B.Pharm"Associate Professor, KVM College of Pharmacy, Cherthala "Private
22Unmesh Sam2004 -2008B.Pharm"General Manager, Samsons Medlin Academy Pvt. Ltd."Private
23Neena Vijay2021-2023M.Pharm Pharmacology"Assistant Professor, St. Joseph's College of pharmacy, Cherthala"Private
24Akhila. M2005-2009B.Pharm"Pharmacist in Health Services (Kerala), DHS, Thiruvananthapuram "Govt
25Anitha.S 2005_2010B.Pharm"Pharmacist, Health service Department of Kerala "Govt

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